Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

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Convergence Gallery finished - I pub my ish!

Convergence 2007 Gallery 32 is now up and connected to the rest of the world. The struggle was hard, but I have prevailed! (So far...)

It occurs to me that my photo galleries are, for the most part, fanzines. Or the equivalent in terms of Desktop Publishing. Most people take a bunch of pictures and slap them on the net, uncropped and unannotated. My galleries are meant to be read from the thumbnail page to the first picture and then on through to the end. I've put more work into some galleries than others, and the pictures stand on their own, but it still feels more like publishing a fanzine than sharing holiday snaps. Photojournalism in the computer age.

I pub my ish!

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