Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Fringe is upon us

Tonight is the Out of Towners Showcase at Bryant-Lake Bowl. See August 1 Fringe Festival site. Free (presumably, you need a button which you can probably get at the venue) starting at 8pm. If it's anything like last year's Ootie Showcase, it will be crowded, so get there early, as in 7. I'm bringing Tambu, thorintarge's friend who was at the MN-StF Picnic, which should be an interesting perspective.

I still don't have an itinerary for the Fringe, though tomorrow I'm leaning towards Mind Tripping at 5:30 and Flawed Genius at 8, with a third to be decided. I don't think I'll get to last year's 31 shows (which was hard, and I need to find real work...), but I'll get to a bunch. Reviews, podcasts and pictures to follow.
Tags: fringe festival

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