Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2007 Fringe Festival: Day 2

Didn't make the fourth show, since the third one went overtime and I'm trying to avoid burnout. Plus, I have a long day that starts early tomorrow.

Blonde On Blonde **

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Good opening bit about being on the radio followed by a series of of disjointed sketches about unlikeable characters. The sordid lives of two optimistic losers are presented in excruciating detail. Decent acting with a few good bits. Nothing to do with Bob Dylan or his music. A Shockwave Radio Theater review.

William Shakespeare's Hystery Queen Margaret ****

Shakespeare In The Parking Lot

15 hours of the Henry VI cycle done outdoors in an hour. I followed the twists and turns of the real-life soap opera (I think) which itself is a recommendation. The venue allows for the actors to wander off and still be on stage. People climb arrive from the basement and shout from the roof. The puppet show opening and closing is well done. Good acting and good swordplay bring The War of the Roses to life. Not everything worked, but this is why I go to the Fringe. A Shockwave Radio Theater review.

The Most Mysterious Day of the Year ****

No Feral Child Could Save Her

After mulling it over, I think the theme of this play is "keep the lines of communication open". The three cast members create a series of earnestly strange characters during the hour and twenty minutes. Three dimensions and a stage full of moveable props were needed to play two detectives, a lovebird, a raccoon-faced niece, an expository newspaper reader among the inhabitants of a world that looks suspiciously like ours. I got caught up in the absurdist situations and familiar motivations. The first show was a bit rough around the edges and the theater was hot, but this is a true Fringe experience. Recommended if you liked last year's Wonders Of The World: Recite and for anyone who loves someone just a little off kilter. A Shockwave Radio Theater review.

For Saturday: Three Shows in a row at Intermedia Arts. American Folksongs: The Ballad of Ferris Riley (very high on my list), Blue Collar Diaries (don't know anything about this one, but the other two were on my list) and Making Dolls (their three minutes at the Fringe-For-All were very good). A break for dinner and then Flawed Genius (at last), another break and then Monster Movies With My Undead Dad (partially because she took one of my music suggestions).

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