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"Can I take a picture of your face?"

The weekend was busy here in Bridge Collapse City. Two different Art Fairs were going on, and this young lady had her face painted at one of them. I made neither. This shot is from the Minneapolis Theatre Garage during the Fringe on Sunday afternoon, right after Vilification Tennis (two of the players are in the background).

Face Painting
Face Painting
August 5, 2007

Schedule for this evening: Four shows at Pillsbury House Theatre, where I've never been. Four shows in a row is a lot. Unfortunately for me, the ones I really want to see are the first and last ones, so I can't cut too many corners. The "F' Quotient: Building the Perfect Fringe Show Through the Miracle of Modern Technology is at 5:30 and The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over is at 10 (and tends to run over time, so I want to see the latest show...).
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