Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2007 Fringe Festival: Day 7

What's the opposite of burn out? Oh yeah... boredom.

I tried to take it easy yesterday, but the wait between shows was too long and I wound up going to an unscheduled show. Almost a major mistake, as it went long. But I had choreographed well, and made it to the last show on time.

Yesterday was Family Day, it seems. The parents of Joseph Scrimshaw were sitting next to me in the first show and Fotis' father was in the audience for the third. I have no idea which relatives, if any, were watching the lounge singer; considering part of the show is about his dying father, I'm not surprised (though I don't think the story is autobiographical).

Hmm... two reviews that begin, "Okay..." that's what happens when I see a late show and write them up at 1 am.

Macbeth's Awesome Scottish Castle Party ****

Young and Cheap, Pandering Interactive Deeds

Okay, it was stupid and crass but it (mostly) works. It reminded me, in tone, of Rocky and Bullwinkle: Lowbrow humor for the highbrow. Stay away if you want to see Shakespeare. Come if you don't mind a whole cast of Fallstaffs who talk to the audience and make crude jokes.

But I'm Not Bitter: Confessions of a Lounge Lizard *** 1/2

Confessions of a Mid-Life Crisis

A story of growing older punctuated by lounge acts. Funniest part was the beginning, about reading the cereal box. Most poignant segment came near the end, about his dying father.

An Intimate Evening With Fotis: The Taller Side of Ferrari McSpeedy **** 1/2

Appropriate Use of Profanity

Okay, it was a guy reading essays with a bass playing in the background. But reading really funny essays with great emotion. How does he keep his voice from dying? This is not Lake Wobegon and the personal stories are not for kids or actors who aren't into sports or people who are queasy about ear infections. The stories and digressions build to peaks and then climb higher. His father was in the audience for this show, which added an unusual dimension.

25 Fringes and counting. A reminder to those dropping in: The latest Shockwave Radio Theater podcast is about the Fringe.

It's getting Down To It and there are shows I won't make. But tonight is a West Bank Four Banger featuring two shows I want to see followed by two more that look interesting: A Brief History of Petty Crime, Around The World In 80 Days And Under Sixty Minutes, 1967 (I wonder if they consulted Joe Haldeman's 1968: A Novel?) and Buffoon Glass Menagerie (going from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams in a day).
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