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Perhaps burn out, perhaps just jaded; I-35W Bridge pictures

After seeing three Fringes that I thought were good but not great, two of them supposedly at the top of the critical heap, I think it's time to wind down. I'm done for tonight (report on the shows later) and will make KIPO tomorrow, but that might be it.

Today was a good day in general. At Tom Thumb, I sat near Polly Peterson and Eric Heideman, and we went to lunch together. The restaurant next to the Fringe venue closed (!) so we went to "that Scottish place" which turned out to be McDonald's. (Having blown all pretense of eating well, I later stopped at Burger King on the way home.)

After the show first, I went to where the I-35W bridge collapsed. They opened the nearby Stone Arch Bridge a few days ago, and people could get closer to the site. It was hot, but people were gawking and taking pictures and bringing the kids.

On the Stone Arch Bridge, a Park Ranger was dispensing maps and information. She didn't want to be interviewed, but she was very helpful. That section of the Mississippi is designated a National Park, so fell in her purview. As you might imagine, river traffic has been suspended. Fortunately, there's not a great deal of commerce through the Mpls locks, and not much recreation. It's a very turbulent part of the river, which is hampering rescue operations even though Minnesota is in a drought and the river level is quite low.

In the picture below, the foreground is the Mississippi River, and the squarish structure is the dam and lock (lock on the right). The closed 10th Ave Bridge is in the background. The remnants of the 35W bridge are the green tangle of metal on the left and you can see the dip in the roadway behind the lock on the right. The brown castle-like buildings in the upper right are the University of Minnesota's hospital complex.

I-35W Bridge from the Stone Arch Bridge
I-35W Bridge from the Stone Arch Bridge
Minneapolis, August 11, 2007CE

I-35W Bridge from the Stone Arch Bridge
I-35W Bridge from the Stone Arch Bridge
close-up of North side wreckage more than a week after the collapse
Minneapolis, August 11, 2007CE
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