Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2007 Fringe Festival: Day 10

Perhaps I'm getting burned-out; perhaps I've seen too many Fringe shows and am merely jaded. For whatever reason, I saw two highly recommended shows that I thought were only good, and the dance show in the middle didn't do much for me. I'd scheduled two more shows, but decided against it.

Partially, I was just tired. After Tom Thumb, I went over to the Stone Arch Bridge and looked at the wreckage of the I-35W bridge. I walked a couple of miles in 90 degree heat. My knees are a little sunburned. Came home and watched the "reimagined" Flash Gordon on tape, which was puerile and uninteresting. Yeah, much as I love the Fringe, I'm glad it only goes eleven days...

Tom Thumb, or The Tragedy of Tragedies *** 1/2

A Silly Tragedy

Few people could pull this off as well as Charlie Bethel, who plays all the parts in this play of marriage and betrayal. Size matters. The parts that were good were very good, but swaths were uneven.

Through The Dark ** 1/2

Interesting Dance, Slight Story

The moral seemed to be, "The way to overcome a bad self-image is to have sex and then fall in love, perhaps more than once." Interesting choreography well danced, but confusing and/or slight narrative.

I might have given this three stars but it ran short and my finger slipped when entering it into the web site...

Bards ****

Not Shakespeare In Love

Gorgeous harmonies and great acting, sometimes hysterical dialog. A twist (literally) on the time period roughly covered in the movie "Shakespeare In Love", with more religion and sex.

That's 35 Fringes, not counting various showcases, previews, interviews, pictures and innumerable conversations with others. I have three scheduled, but am probably only going to the first, KIPO. If I'm a little up for it, I'll see the next show in the same venue, The Opportunity: not a pyramid scheme and only if I have a sudden burst will I try for Wallace and the Dragon. Yes, I've heard of Alfred Russel Wallace and how he developed the theory of Evolution while Darwin sat on his hands afraid of the Taliban of his day. No, the show isn't so high on my list that I will miss out it.

The best part about Fringing ending early and the physical exertion is that I got a really good night's sleep. I could do that again...
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