Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2007 Fringe Festival: Day 11

A successful last day. Somewhat to my surprise, I managed to make all my scheduled shows for a total of 38 Fringes. The secret, at least for me, was pacing. I never saw more than four in a day, and never fewer than three. I didn't force myself to go to one more if tired, and choreographed traveling between venues.

KIPO! **** 1/2

Kipo Means Happy

Exuberant Tibetan clog dancing with banjo and yak. The dancers and singers recreate dance in Tibet before the Chinese invasion, and end with a sad prayer. The politics are kept to a minimum as the joys of a simple life are celebrated.

The Opportunity: It's not a pyramid scheme *** 1/2

Real Sales Rallies Are Like This, Unfortunately

Good send-up of faith-based multi-level marketing sales force rallies. Some good lines and nice audience interaction. In many ways, they squeeze too gently for how ubiquitously companies sell their false hope.

Wallace and the Dragon ****

The Story Of A Spiritual Naturalist

Alfred Russel Wallace deserves to have his story told, the true story of his vision and his blind spots. He was a great scientist and observer with a moral stance above that of the British. Anti-religious but spiritual, he never convinced people that science and the supernatural were woven of the same cloth. Rounded up because of the great live music and the dancing komodo dragon.

I have a podcast to do (and might get some more interviews for it), and some pictures to look at and post. I might pause for a day to get my bearings. We'll see.
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