Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Let's Be Each Other's Archive

I just thought of this so I'm not sure it's a good idea, but:

My brother's losing his house (though I haven't heard exactly what the damage is yet) and therefore potentially pictures and compter backups has inspired me to another geek idea. Most files are text, and small by today's standards. Even pictures don't take up that much space if you pack them in a DVD properly. Sound files/video etc is trickier, but still. You only really need a few things, if you had to start all over.

I suggest that we (in the larger sense, not just LJ) become each other's archives. It would be easy to burn a DVD (or set of CDs) with all the Shockwave Radio Theater files I've ever generated, plus my web sites plus quite a bit of Shockwave Radio audio plus pictures... and make multiple copies and give/send them to someone in exchange for a DVD of their files. I'd be happy to store a bunch of DVDs in a closet someplace Just In Case. Ideally, the farther apart the exchange is made the better.

This isn't a time capsule, so I'm not worried about the technology changing so fast that future generations can't read it (though if you're going to password protect some files, leave the pw somewhere for your grandkids...). This is Extended Offsite Backup, for an emergency situation.


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