Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

To State Fair or not to State Fair

Humph. This has been a very busted week, with all sorts of business and personal liaisons falling through at the last minute. I was scheduled to start a contract position today, but got a call in the evening saying it wasn't happening until Monday. So I find myself free on the first day of The Minnesota State Fair.

I like to go to the Fair on the first day. The pitches are fresh and everyone's gearing up. On the other hand, today is gray and rainy and Tonic Sol-Fa isn't playing. I'm sure the music will be good, but I don't recognize the name of anyone playing in the various free concert venues and won't make a special trip for them. The trick to the Fair is to go early, which means leaving now (to get there by 10am), and I'm just not in the mindset. None of the new foods sound (taste?) worth making an effort... bah, I'm just not in the mood for today. Maybe not at all, considering my money situation. But.

Anyone want to go tomorrow morning? Plan is to park in a Park & Ride, get there by 10 (a little earlier would be good) and leave by 1 or so. Have lunch, wander around, hear some music, talk to politicians, look at stuff.

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