Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Fair: A Brief Trip Report Part II

I'll try to keep my further meanderings short.

My friend Dan makes really spiffy Wooden Maps, and mentioned that he had one in the Fine Arts bldg of the Minnesota State Fair, so I made sure I went. The info desk knew where it was, and found a small coterie of fans oohing and aahing. (He gave me permission to take and post a picture, and I've blurred the other, partially obscured, art.)

Wooden Map at State Fair
Wooden Map of Minnesota at the State Fair
counties are made from different types of wood, list on left
Aug. 24, 2007

By this time, the Fair was getting crowded (though it never was packed) and I didn't feel like buying anything, so I walked though a bunch of buildings, stopping only in the Education Building to get my picture taken on a school calendar (which is now on my fridge). The lunch crowd brought out the playfulness of some vendors.

French Fries in front of French Fries
French Fries in front of French Fries
Aug. 24, 2007

I wandered into a radio show, broadcasting live on KSTP, where I was asked to take a picture. TD Mischke was threatening someone with a sword to demonstrate that it was real. Then Lady Diane swallowed the sword. As much as I conceptually approve of sword swallowers on the radio, it was odd. (I may post the pictures here, and have already sent them to the participant.)

Then headed to the busses through the DNR Building, and looked at fish. Perhaps a picture of that, too, but not now.

Hopped on a bus, got to my car, and made it home uneventfully.

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