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The Dharma Initiative

Enough people did this that I got curious.

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top umpty results:

1. Director of Photography
2. Set Designer
3. Anthropologist
4. Costume Designer
5. Professor
6. Historian
7. Music Teacher / Instructor
8. Art Director
9. Archivist
10. Foreign Language Instructor
11. Website Designer
12. ESL Teacher
13. Special Effects Technician
14. Desktop Publisher
15. Interior Decorator
16. Corporate Trainer
17. Lobbyist
18. Technical Writer
19. Industrial Designer
20. Stylist

I got into radio through silent films, and teaching through desktop publishing. I would (if my life had taken a different path) made a great Director or Director of Photography. I scratch that itch by reviewing films and such. Not the same, but it's as close as I'll get. I take lots of pictures. All the other designer positions don't interest me, but I do like being part of a creative team. I consider that a lot of what I do, including political commentary and writing science fiction humor, to be anthropology and/or history. I've been an Instructor/Corporate Trainer/Technical Writer, and have worked for non-profits on the lobbying side.

(Tweaking education moves some of my actual career choices higher and eliminates some of the ones that don't interest me, but the 19th choice is "potter" so I won't print the revised list.)

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