Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Quick comments on Monday's tv premiers

Chuck: Freakazoid meets Alias. Lots of funny things (Chuck works in the Nerd Herd at a Buy More next to a Large Mart) mixing with over-the-top action. Kinda fun, if you can suspend a lot of disbelief, though these guys don't know how to tell a joke. Some of the funniest lines are remarkably understated or muttered in the background.

Verdict after one show: Will watch another.

Heroes: Well, they started a whole 'nuther bunch of soap operas. Some questions left over from last season were dealt with, but no real answers. Will the story arcs play out? Last season had it's ups and downs, and I won't go into it for the benefit of those who didn't see the show. This season is looking to be the same, which will be too bad.

Verdict for the first show of the second season: Still has promise, but the show is on the short list.

Journeyman: Time jumping ala Quantum Leap, fixing lives ala Tru Calling with a dash of information ala Early Edition. One show does not a science fiction premise make, but this one seems less coherent than usual.

Verdict after one show: Might give it another shot or two, but I can only tape on thing if I watch football and it might be CSI: Miami, my least favorite of the three.

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