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Shockwave Podcasts!

Well, I made two recent programs Shockwave Radio Theater podcasts. It's still a little screwy on my system, showing an extra two phantom files, but others seem to only see the two broadcast shows.

They are: The Broadcast show from 8/20/05 with Bill Stiteler (of the Fringe show THACO) and Richard Tatge. A remarkable discussion of the origins of RPG and the early days of gaming with comparative newcomers Baron Dave and Brian Westley.

The Broadcast show from 9/10/05 where Brian and I riffed on Bob Denver and played five variants of the Gilligan's Island Theme song (which is more interesting than it sounds).

Could someone with an iPod try it out and get back to me? I hope to make this a regular thing, but I have to iron out any potential bugs.

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