Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A Nobel Prize for Pete Seeger

From ookpik

Pete Seeger was a family friend, and while he didn't pal around with the kids so much as visit my parents, we saw him a fair amount. To this day, I've seen more Pete Seeger concerts than anyone else. By a lot. He gave me a ride to one of his concerts in the back of his VW, next to his banjo.

Pete's crusade was the Hudson River. He was raising money for, and eventually sailed up and down the river stopping to give concerts from, the sloop Clearwater. They served Stone Soup and did outdoor music with Up With People! (a very strange political melding, I realized later).

It worked. The Hudson River Sloop Restoration Project garnered enough publicity and good will that lawmakers woke up and today you can swim in the river and eat the fish.

For 70 years, Seeger has been on a crusade of peace and understanding. It's about time he got a Nobel Prize.

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