Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Thanksgiving '07

Thanksgiving is our family get together, and we did. I had a great time with brothers, their family, and bubbe (mom). Didn't do too much touristy stuff in DC, but explored the National Mall with nephew Jake. We went to the Native American museum, discussed paintings in the National Gallery (analyzing Renaissance triptychs, looking at Thomas Coles, etc), walked for miles to see the Vietnam and WWII memorials, etc. It was autumn in DC, my favorite season. We barely have a fall in Mpls, and it was sooooooooo nice just walking around in cool weather, kicking at leaves. Mom and I walked up Cathedral Ave. to... the Washington National Cathedral, celebrating its centennial.

And, of course, seeing the newest addition to the family, Antonia, now nine months old.

Dave Romm and niece Antonia
Dave Romm and niece Antonia 11/23/07
She is fascinated by my beard, as father is clean-shaven
photo by Bubbe
Tags: food

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