Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A brief update

Between The Falling Of The Snow and The Doing Of The Laundry, I'm going to miss the MN-StF meeting. I can't recall the last time I missed two meetings in a row. Oh well.

You should all know by know (I'm usually the last to find out) but LJ has changed it's default setting to "[Redacted] Conservative", so you won't get messages with Bad Language unless you change the filter setting here.

My trip to DC was great, though not a lot to talk about. I left Wednesday before Thanksgiving and came back Monday to avoid travel hassles, and the plan worked fine. It never took me as long as a half hour from entering the airport to being at the gate.

Washington in the fall reminds me that autumn is still my favorite season, and we don't have one in Mpls. Oh sure, a few hours and maybe even a day or three of kicking leaves, but it's not the same. I walked a lot, on a semi-gimpy ankle, in the chilly air partly because I enjoyed the walking. Despite several large Thanksgiving meals, I actually lost a belt notch.

I roomed with my 17-year-old nephew, who is having problems in school. His grandmother is the Stern Lecture type. I'm more the Gosh, If Only Someone Here Spoke Spanish Then We Could Know What This Renaissance Painting's Title Is kind of nudge. We went to the National Museum of the American Indian. This was my second visit, and I still haven't seen everything. Their cafeteria is interesting but not spectacular. My nephew insisted his cheeseburgers were beef when they were advertised as buffalo. I had Pacific Northwest food, which was tasty.

We went to the National Gallery. I suspect he wanted to meet up with his parents to ask for more money, but we never encountered them. We wandered the halls, and sat down in front of some of the larger paintings. I explained a bit about triptychs, and how to look at paintings, which apparently is something he hadn't encountered.

Then... the long walk to the Vietnam Memorial, stopping at the new WWII Memorial. Worth the walk, even though the National Gallery and the Memorial are on opposite ends (nearly from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial).

Nine-month-old niece Antonia is coming along splendidly. She's at the age where she really appreciates the strange sounds emanating from Uncle Dave. When I made *pop* *pop* sounds, she opened and closed her lips like she was trying to make them herself!

Mom, brothers and wives are all doing fine. Perhaps more later, but probably not.

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