Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Jury Duty: Contempt of Court! Dismissed.

Naturally, the first time that I'm late calling to see whether I'm on Jury Duty, I am.

Work got busy, and the time slid by. They hadn't needed me for the previous five calls, but the recorded message said to report by 1:30. Here it was, not quite 2:30. I quickly called the Courthouse (they had called my home number, I found out later) and sure enough, I was technically in Contempt of Court.

Explaining that I was two blocks away, the lady on the phone sighed with relief. Two others were late, because they were an hour away. If I came in now, things would be fine. I did, and they were.

The three of us waited around, got oriented, and waited a bit more, to see if any juries needed us. Some of the people who had arrived in time trickled down to the Jury Room, having not been selected to be on a jury. Finally, after 4:00, all of us were told the news: We weren't needed on a jury... we were being reassigned to Call In Status... we didn't have to call in again until 12:15 on Monday (Dec. 24) when we were unlikely to be called. And we got the per diem and travel expenses for the day.

Upshot: Assuming my bosses aren't too hard on me for the missed hour of work, I actually made money by being called. One of the advantages of a job that starts early. Today was a very long day, but I'm home free for a week. Indeed, Monday is a half-day for me anyway (because the Commodity Markets close early for Boxing Day Eve Eve), so if I'm called in on the 24th I'll have another two-paycheck day.

I think I'd be a good juror, but I'd rather do it next week than this week.

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