Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

George of the Jungle & Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The writer's strike has given me too much free time, and there's only one football game left that matters. So here are quick reviews of two shows that just started airing new episodes. Whether they were planned as mid-season or the producers waited while the strike continued, I don't know.

George of the Jungle (Cartoon Network). Bet you didn't know a new series of George of the Jungle cartoons was coming up. I didn't. They snuck up on me. The original was dumb but fun. The theme song was always the most memorable part.

The new version (two cartoons in a half hour; I've only seen a few) owes more to Johnny Bravo and Ren and Stimpy than Jay Ward. Odd, psychedelic, backgrounds have replaced limited animation. The clueless innocence of George and the jungle gang drives the plots, such as they are. The major change is the elimination of Fella, replaced by redheaded southern belle Magnolia, so the theme becomes "... and Maggie and Ursula stay in step...". The narrator is fun, the animals are varied, the situations fly by as the plot rolls on.

Chucklesome and not too violent. Unlike the original it's pitched mainly for kids (I'd guess tweens), but good enough for others. Anyone who remembers the original fondly will like the update if you approach it with an open mind. It's not way high on my viewing list, but will do until Bones comes back.

George of the Jungle web site, takes a while to load but has the theme and other stuff.

Meanwhile. The Governator... er, Terminator is back, but isn't the star. There have been three episodes aired so far. The first two were awful, but it was clear that they needed to get past the movies. I haven't seen the third one, so some of the references went over my head. By the end of the second episode, they move on.

The third episode was better. The rules for the relentless terminator are a bit different than in the movies, and Sarah and her eventual hero son are protected by a former Gilmore Girl cyborg. It's not there yet, and I wouldn't be watching further if my Soprano's DVDs were flixed more quickly, but what the heck. It's biggest problem is that it's sort of a prequel to the plot of the movies, even though it's after the events of the movies, and we know how it works out. Maybe. (Got it? Time travel is so much fun.)

Side note: Harlan Ellison isn't given credit.

Web site which still hasn't finished loading as I'm finished typing about it, and I have cable.

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