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iTunes spam

I just opened up iTunes for the first time in a while, with an update requiring a new agreement and such (and is really really slow). So I might as well play the game as broadcast by freeimprov.

Total songs: 6078, but many (if not most) of the songs are in two or three versions, as I save the aiff for burning, aac or mp3 for the iPod, a lower compression mp3 for my brother, a QuickTime version from downloads, a wav version from recording interviews on the iPod, and maybe more. I don't know a way to find unique versions, and that might not help...

Total time: 18:04:11:47
Most recently played: "Karn Evil 9/1st Impression" by ELP (misspelled in the CDDB Database)
Play count: This number is excruciatingly screwed up, mostly by the QuickTime downloads. Ignoring the obvious problems, it's one entry of "Bop Til You Drop" by the Nylons (8).
Most recently added: "Googleplex" by Jack Pearson, from the Radio Aahs CDs, a number song for ambertatge

Sort by title:
First: "A-Whalin'" by The Foremen
Last: "20070815fringe_03robin" due to the oddities of my naming convention (such as it is), this is the interview I conducted, over the phone, with Fringe Festival Executive Director Robin Gillette on August 15 of last year.

Sort by Album (trickier than it sounds) (I rarely import whole albums, and many of the songs aren't associated with an album, depending on when and how I imported them):
First: I Looked Up, by The Incredible String Band. The album name has a strange symbol as the first character. Otherwise, it would be Abbey Road by The Beatles.
Last: 1960, a Time-Life compilation

First song on shuffle: Well, the top selection is "The Loco-Motion" by Little Eva, but I heard that (in June). The next one to be played is "The Poet and the Prophet" by The Village Stompers.

Search the following and count the songs (I've added one). Note that the search includes album titles etc:
Death: 19 (with five dupes)
Life: 36 (with 13 dupes)
Love: 157 (with numerous dupes)
Hate: 2 (not a dupe, but a sequel)
You: 281 (with numerous dupes)
Sex: 14 (with 6 dupes)
America: 109 (with numerous dupes)

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