Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A brief farewell

I take off tomorrow for Washington DC, to celebrate my niece's first birthday on Sunday. A small and short gathering. Traveling around my work schedule, I'm leaving right from work (taking the Light Rail to the airport) and coming back Sunday evening. This means I'll be away from this computer from early tomorrow morning when I head off for work, so commenting and posting will be limited, and will miss the MN-StF meeting.

This will be the shortest out of town non-car trip I can ever recall making. I almost didn't need to pack a suitcase, since I could get by with the clothes I'm wearing and one extra shirt, sundries in a messenger bag, plus camera in it's own case. But I'm splurging a little and will bring a standard case that fits in the overhead compartment; no checking bags for me!

The most annoying thing is having to bring a winter coat to DC's comparatively mild (high in the 50s) weekend, since it will be cold tomorrow and colder on Sunday. Ah well.

Pictures upon return.

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