Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Marscon Mix CD Exchange

Okay, it's time for another round of Mix CDs. This is a long-standing project for me, and I think it would make an interesting mix to exchange along the ides of the previous ones, spurred on by mle292 and dreamshark. Plus, I get to play DJ.

Crossover Songs: Music you want to hear done by artists at Marscon (or in other venues).

More than just covers: "I think it would be great if you did this!" The artist is under no obligation, of course. I plan on making a label with a blank line: "I suggest you perform this one _____". Give enough info for a proper cite so they can get the rights/assign parody credit.

We all have music that isn't familiar to others, and we all like to watch our friends perform. Indeed, I have a lot of music from friends who don't travel in the same circle, and would love to cross fertilize fandom. (Sound's kinky, neh?) Marscon will be full of Demented Artists, but they songs don't have to be funny. They can be filked, though. Some are well known songs that deserve a new audience; some are unfamiliar to most that deserve a wider audience.

Cover These!
(still being formed, and this is not the final playlist; just to give examples of what I mean)

Small Things -- Isabelle Delage 6:29 (for Riverfolk, chasophonic and chirosinger)
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron -- Royal Guardsmen, The 2:46 (everyone should do this, and would make a great lukeski cover)
Renaissance Faire -- Blackmore's Night 4:16 (any festie)
The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book) -- Phil Harris & Bruce Reitherman 4:11 (ericcoleman? ripped to shreds by the Gothsicles?)
I'm A Little Cookie -- Schmidt, Claudia 2:56 (gamerchick)
If Pigs Could Fly -- Andina, Sandy 2:36 (Carla Ulbrich and/or pixelene)
Little White Duck, The -- Kaye, Danny 2:43 (somebody's bound to figure a way to update this great song)
Martian Hop -- Bartels, Joanie 2:32 (Power Salad)
A Girl On Theology -- Electric Amish, The 3:10 (Power Salad)
Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night? -- (From Deadwood) Beatnik Turtle 3:22 (wormquartet)
O Holy Night Cha Cha Cha -- Brave Combo 2:51 (I keep hearing DJ Particle, emiofbrie, doing this one, just as is...)
Voice of the Spirit -- Craig & Co. 3:43 (Sudden Death)
Einstein the Genius -- Cranberry Lake Jug Band 3:40 (wormquartet and Sudden Death)
Happy Trails -- Roy Rogers 2:16 (Smackdowns should end with this)
Stone Age Bayou -- Dinosaurs 3:10 (Carla Ulbrich)
Starship Jingle -- Intergalactic Touring Band 3:43 (Ookla the Mok)
Pollution -- Lehrer, Tom 2:03 (most anyone, needs updating)
John and Marsha -- Freberg, Stan 2:31 (I keep hearing wormquartet and Sudden Death getting very deep into this one)
Preposterous -- Nate Bucklin 3:23 (gamerchick)

I'm sure more will come to mind. What would be on your cover suggestion CD?

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