Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Marscon -- up and down but mostly up

A brief report, a few pictures later.

I had a good time at Marscon. Occasionally a great time, and a few bits that were just sort of okay.

I was on some panels: Talking about religion in sf followed by a panel on Star Trek; not as big a cultural leap as one might expect... Movie panel was good. the Music panel was scheduled opposite a different music event, but it was a pretty good conversation.

I judged some karaoke: I like judging contests because the best of the singers come out. Plus, I got a banana-scented gift card as Judge's Reward.

I saw a lot of Demented Music.

I took a staggering amount of pictures, at least for me: Something over 500 over a work-schedule-shortened three days. A lot of the pictures were attempts to catch the manic movement of highly-caffeinated musicians, and weeding out the misses will trim the number considerably, but that will still leave several hundred. Oy.

Made 11 suggestions via the Cover This! CD, given to Dementia artists. Dunno if any of the songs will wind up on their playlists, but at least they should enjoy the collection.

Picked up 15 CDs. It'll take me a while to listen to them, much less write reviews and make podcasts.

More on the parties, people and [uniformed guests] as time permits.

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