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The internet is broken: Don't pay for it.

A major communications company, Level 3, has cut all traffic from Cogent Communications. The internet is now broken. You can't get to some web sites. Slashdot article

What I did was call Time Warner, host for RoadRunner, and point out that they were now no longer providing the service I had contracted for. RoadRunner is aware of the problem. I said I wasn't going to pay for services that I wasn't getting, so they sent me to Billing. The Billing Dept. credited me with six days of service: The two so far, and four more. While I appreciated the $8.86, I think its scary that they did this without much fuss.

I urge everyone reading this to call their provider and demand that you aren't charged for services not rendered. I suspect the only recourse most of us have is to get the providers in on the game and put economic pressure on Level 3.

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