Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Winners of the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Winners of the Tri-Wizard Tournament
Winners of the Tri-Wizard trophies
Susan L H (Third), Seven (First), rvrjoe775 (Second)
Applecon, Bloomington MN, April 13, 2008CE

minnehaha K arranged the tournament and made the trophies. Games were played throughout the weekend (though I didn't participate) in at least three variants of the card game Wizard. Hence "Tri-Wizard" Tournament. To be eligible for the trophies, you had to play at least one game in each variant. Cumulative scores were kept. The top six players competed in the Grande Finally. Three players won Participant ribbons, and display them proudly. The winners will mount these trophies in appropriate places over their hearth and in their heart.

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