Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Top 11 Reasons To Be In A Band

As usual, my Spring cold has come on just when it's getting nicer. I guess I don't zip up my jacket after the long winter, or something. It's a fairly mild cold, all things considered, but I'm just as glad to be home and warm. But I digress.

Applecon lives, at least in post-con postings. This is one of the Top 11 Lists I read at the Bardic Circle event.

from July 9, 1994 -- I don't recall who, if anyone, we had as guests that day
The Top 11 Reasons To Be In A Band

11. Really cool thing to say to the chicks and/or hunks.

10. Finally get to hear the music you want.

9. Groupies.

8. Song lyrics can substitute for real communication at any time.

(these two need to be read together, quickly)
7. Rehearsals always an excuse for leaving a bad scene anytime you want.
6. Inexact rehearsal starting time an excuse to stay a little longer when you’re having fun.

5. Get to wear exotic outfits.

4. You can blame any mistake on someone else.

3. Travel is so broadening.

2. Occasionally get paid for doing what you like.

1. Get to be interviewed on Shockwave!

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