Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

India House

India House Musicians
Musicians at India House
Mpls, April 25, 2008CE

The restaurant on 14th and Nicollet has changed hands many times, and is now an Indian restaurant with live music (at least while we were there). I don't know who the musicians are, but they played raga (I assume) in the background for hours, perched in the corner.

The dinner was very nice, on the occasion of guppiecat visiting tesla_aldrich, with the minnehahas, fmsv and cowfan.

Good food, though not hot enough (as in spicy). Even though a few of us ordered "India hot" the waiter said we should have ordered "major league". Too many posers trying to impress their dates and sending food back, or somesuch, has made most of the places around here rather shy about spiciness.

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