Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

No Homesteading on Lake Street

May Day Parade 2008
"No, I don't care how bad the subprime mortgage crisis is,
you can't build a house in the middle of the intersection"
May Day Parade, Mpls, May 4, 2008CE

I took over 500 pictures with my new camera, and nearly a hundred of them plotzed. For some reason, the image didn't save to the chip. The thumbnail did, so I can tell which pictures were gone. There seems to be no pattern to the phenomena. I dunno.

And I'm not terribly happy with the pictures I did get, for the most part. Maybe they'll look better in full PhotoShop mode with cropping and such. Still, if I get a few dozen really good shots then it will have been a good day. This is one of them, more for the humor value than the technical wizardry.

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