Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Delia and the Hoop

Delia and the Hoop
Delia and the Hoop
MN-StF picnic at the May Day 2008 celebration, May 4 2008CE

Picture posted by request of pegkerr!

minnehaha K staked out an area that also attracted a small drum jam and several brightly colored large hula hoops. And lots of kids, many of whom tried the hula hoops with greater and lesser success. Delia was pretty good at it.

No one knew what the "RL" on her shirt stood for. (Probably Ralph Lauren, as rvrjoe775 notes in comments.) Back In The Day, we knew what was on our shirt, usually a political statement. In The Day After Back In The Day, our shirts were walking advertisements, and we knew what we were promoting, even if we were just wearing a giveaway and didn't actually agree with the sentiment or use the product. Today, kids will throw on any article of clothing adorned with any text, and not worry about what kind of signpost they're being. Moving gifs on the hoof.

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