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Hidden Minneapolis

Restaurants come and go. The corner of Nicollet and 29th has had a series of restaurants, the current one being a very good Vietnamese soup place tucked into a corner that only exists because the KMart cuts off Nicollet (see previous entry) and the city built the one block long Cecil Newman Lane (just South of where 29th would have gone) to aid traffic flow.
Pho Tau Bay
Pho Tau Bay, Mpls, May 8 2008CE
sign on what would be Nicollet Ave if the KMart didn't block the way

Way back when, it was a homestyle 'Murrican breakfast/pancake house called The Three Bee'z Family Restaurant. For many years, through several restaurant changes, no one bothered to change the street sign. After all, it wasn't a street anymore. Decades pass. Finally, Pho Tau Bay, est. 1995, updated the sign, above. You can see it as you drive South on Nicollet, before you have to turn on 29th to go around the KMart. But since no one can drive North on Nicollet, the reverse of the sign is less important, and not worth changing.

Three Bee'z
Three Bee'z sign, Mpls May 8 2008CE
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