Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Spring Media Walk-Through

The 2008 Republican National Convention will be held in Minneapolis-Saint Paul September 1-4. I intend to cover it. The main event will be held at the Xcel Energy Center, a place built mainly for the hockey team but has all sorts of convention space. As a member of the media, I went through the Spring Walk-Through, having missed an earlier one. Hundreds of media personnel were present, mostly mid- to low-level operations people or seasoned reporters wanting a handle on the facility. Also on hand were many helpful Convention Operations people, and people from the Republican National Committee.

Dave Romm and Mike Miller
me and Mike Miller
Xcel Energy Center, May 20 2008CE

Mike Miller is Director of Convention Operations. He runs the show for the Republican National Convention. This is his 10th. His 10th in Operations; he went to two earlier RNCs as a reporter. He's retired, and only comes out to do these things. He was soft spoken, friendly with everyone and on top of questions. We talked for a while. It was too noisy to get an interview, but at least I got this shot, in front of the RNC podium.

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