Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

"I cut the ductile iron!"

I cut the ductile iron
"I cut the ductile iron!"
Baron Dave with pipe cutter
Lake & Blaisdell, Minneapolis, June 2 2008CE

The city of Minneapolis has been resurfacing Lake St., in sections, for several years. (This is one of the reasons Dreamhaven is leaving their Lake St. storefront.) The current section includes the intersection of Lake & Blaisdell, one of the corners of the block I live on. (They are not actually doing my section of Lake, but tidying up the intersection means that there is action under my window.)

I've been taking pictures of the construction, partly as a test of the camera (which is why some of the shots were lost) and partly as a chronicle. Today, people were well under ground in the pit behind me, with one person, accoutered in construction safety colors, watching. I asked him to pose with the equipment. He declined, but offered to take my picture. He even came up with the caption. I'm holding the saw that cuts the pipe (lower part of the picture).


The picture is taken on Blaisdell, looking north. Way behind me and the backhoe is downtown Mpls. You can see the IDS Center and the Norwest Bank Bldg.

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