Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Saturday afternoon picture poll

A weird event triggered this latest request. I'm slowly hacking my way through several smaller events to make a Summer 2007 picture gallery, which starts out with a few pictures from the Doug Friauf Memorial in April 2007.

As I had a picture open to someone who I didn't recognize... I got a telephone call from him. Doug's brother called about the DVD of various Super-8 films Doug took. This spurred me to finish the gallery (which might go all the way until the State Fair 2007, unless I laze out).

I'm not nearly done with Summer 2007, but I'll probably be finished sometime next week, and I'm thinking about the next project. I don't like to be a year behind. But you knew that. The next major photographic event will probably be Convergence. (Sorry, ran out of money before registering for 4th St.) Since many of my flist are in the shots, I might as well ask you. After the current photo gallery goes up, what should I work on next:

a) Another catch-all range of pictures, encompassing MN-StF meetings, various dinners and outings.

b) Minicon 2008

c) Applecon 2008

d) May Day 2008

e) I never look at your pictures and don't care one way or the other

f) I only want to see pictures of ME!

Okay... now back to the Harry Potter book release and MN-StF Picnic from July of last year...

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