Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A Dinner Expedition

A Dinner Expedition
A Dinner Expedition
4th Street Fantasy Convention
June 21, 2008CE

Every now and again I feel adventuresome and gregarious, especially at conventions where I don't know everyone. At the dinner break on Saturday at 4th Street, I was without dinner plans. Outside the programming area, I talked with one person that I didn't know, then another, and then another person I met yesterday came by and.... Summoning Con Courage, I asked if they wanted to go to dinner. They did! A dash of last minute wrangling, and grabbing apostle_of_eris as he came by, and we were off to the restaurant in the hotel. Not a great restaurant, but a decent one, and they accommodated eight people easily and quickly.

Only one person (to my right) is not on LJ, and we may have convinced her! I'll ask them to introduce themselves.

A great conversation (sometimes more than one) and a memorable dinner. More Saturday pics in the morning...

Edited deosil clockwise from lower left:
suzanne, apostle_of_eris, karenthology, jenett, Kelly Burnhill (not on LJ), barondave, aedifica, brooksmoses

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