Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Hidden Minneapolis: Murals in an alley

Mural off Lake St. in Minneapolis
Mural off Lake Street in Minneapolis

Mural off Lake St. in Minneapolis
Mural off Lake Street in Minneapolis, across the alley

Just east of I-35W on Lake, roughly across the street from the McDonald's, is a building with offices and a series of bodega-style shops taken over by the Hispanic population. Not very far away (on the same block) is an Islamic prayer center, and I'm assuming that people from the Middle East own (or owned) the building, which goes over the alley. Dueling demographics coexist!

A wide alley leads from Lake to a parking lot. The back has entrances to both sides of the building, so even people who drive don't necessarily get a good view of these wall paintings. The top picture is facing east on the alley. Behind the wall is a decent Mexican restaurant. The bottom picture is facing west. Both murals decorate the whole wall.
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