Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A Certain Kind Of Fame

Yessir, more and more people realize that I'm world famous. Alerted by Brian, I saunter over to and encountered this:

June 30, 2008
Papoon Supporters Change Middle Names To "Not Insane"
BILLVILLE: Supporters of Surrealist party candidate George Papoon have come up with a novel way to show their support: changing their middle names to "Not Insane".

Brian Westley, the city dogkiller in Hellmouth, is now officially Brian Not Insane Westley. "The judge thought I was crazy, changing my old middle name (Forbes) to Not Insane. But once I explained Papoon's party platform shoes for industry, he not only granted my name change, he's now a Papoon supporter himself!"

David Romm, an apprentice bookbaker from Heater, has likewise changed his monicker to David Not InsanE Romm. "I spell Insane with an ending capital E, in honor of my old middle name, 'E'" explained Romm. "It's great to finally have a real middle name, but now I have to go re-monogram all my towels."

George G. Papoon's middle name, for the record, is 'Orwell'.
Someone has been following Shockwave Radio, and our association with the Firesign Theatre. Still, they don't know me very well: I'm more of a Monty Python supporter and I don't have any monogrammed towels.

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