Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

My Convergence Schedule

For those of you who come to Convergence to see me on panels (you know who you are), here is my schedule:

Thu 5-6pm A8 Fanzines Invented the Internet
Everything anyone does online today was basically invented by fans in zines and apas well before most people even had even heard of a personal computer. We'll also look at some zines from 1999 and illustrate how things have changed since then.
Holly Day, David Emerson, Scott K. Jamison, Greg Prickman, David E. Romm, Joan Marie Verba

Thu 9:30-10:30pm A8 History of Local Twin Cities Fandom
While this may be CONvergence's 10th anniversary, the history of local fandom extends much further back. Come with us as we see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
David Emerson, Virginia Jensen, Philip Kaveny, David E. Romm, Video Team

Yes, two panels in a row with David Emerson! And I get to find out who the Video Team is! And I get to cross out the period in my namecard!

Thu 11:00-11:59pm A2 Loving the Loathing
Do you play Kingdom of Loathing online? If not, you are missing out. Grab some meat and join us!
Tamyra DeWandeler, Melissa Kaercher, Jen Manna, David E. Romm

It's all ericcoleman's fault.

Fri 8-9pm A4 Beyond "Weekend Update"
There was a time when SNL's "Weekend Update" was our only source for sarcastic takes on news events. Now, we've got fake news in multiple media, including newspaper, blogs - The Onion, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, and others. What are your favorites and what makes this sub-genre so appealing to SF&F fans?
Ben Ellis, Terry Faust, Paula Fleming, David E. Romm

We should make stuff up.

Notice that all my panels are early in the con. Friday night, I'm done. I'm not even sure how many people will be there on Thursday. Then, it's time to party! Or do Ops shifts, whichever is easier.

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