Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Metropolis Unbound

Missing scenes from Fritz Lang's Metropolis turn up after 80 years, Guardian 7/3/08
The cinematic world was today celebrating the rediscovery of missing scenes from German director Fritz Lang's legendary silent film Metropolis - thought lost for 80 years, until they were found in the archive of a museum in Argentina.

Key scenes cut from the science fiction picture - either because they were considered to be too brutal or too long - will now be available for the first time since May 1927, when the original version was last shown in Berlin, where it flopped badly.
I never had too much problem following the movie, though there were parts that you had to make fairly broad leaps to fill in. I figured it was just German Expressionism. Maybe yes, maybe no. I look forward to seeing the uncut version (at the proper speed, tinted, with good music).

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