Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Beth, Nikki and warm day rambling

Beth Kinderman and Nikki Walker
Beth Kinderman and Nikki Walker
In Harmonic Convergence, Convergence 7/4/08

I couldn't stick around for the entire concert by Beth and the Player Characters. I enjoyed the part I was at (though the vocals weren't mixed well). Harmonic Convergence, the music/performance lounge of the con, hosted several fine acts. I was able to stay all the way through for only lukeski, and rushed off immediately after.

I usually post individual pictures on LJ as I go through the first editing pass. This year, not only was the convention longer but I'm still playing with the camera's settings. I'm a bit disappointed with the focus, as not everything is as sharp as I'd hope, but I'm very pleased with almost everything else, especially the low-light shots. Fortunately for those who like a lot of pictures but unfortunately for those of use who edit all their photographs, I took a lot of pictures, and after first pass I'll wind up with close to 500. (By comparison, my Convergence 2007 gallery comprised 121 photos.)

Either I'll be very strict when selecting shots to post or the gallery won't be up for a while. Possibly both.

And I take requests. If I have a worthy shot of something you want to see, let me know.

Speaking of requests, minneheha K wanted me to keep track of when I picked up a new concept. I can't promise a notation of all such, but I did learn two things (or was reminded of two things I've forgotten) at Convergence: The ASL gesture for "applause" (both hands in the air about ear level, fingers together and straight up, and wiggle at the wrist) and the ASL gesture for "Zamboni" (elbows in tight, hold a steering wheel and go left and right a few times).

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