Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A Sunday card game with tribble and balloon

Card game with Fiona and Corwin
Missa, Fiona and Corwin play an obscure card game
Convergence, 7/6/08

I left Convergence before Closing Ceremonies. Four days is a long con when I haven't steeled myself for it, like the big Minicons. Roving through the poolside atrium one last time, I spotted the girls playing cards. A game they could not (or would not) explain.

There was another programming block, plus Closing Ceremonies plus the event at 12:01 Monday to make Convergence officially five days, but for the most part the con was in wind down mode. Lazing on a Sunday afternoon. And probably Monday, too.

Note green tribble and the nifty balloon aliens on the various tables.

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