Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Always bring your camera and your iPod

A few things before I go off and attempt to accomplish things today:

Yesterday, I had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Seafood Palace. Mostly, I go for their lunch buffet. Yesterday I was calmy doing the sudoku when this irascible lady comes in. She's clearly never been in the place before, and asks questions of the staff. They don't speak English all that well, and I helped out. After explaining a little about the soups and sauces, she asked how long I'd lived in Mpls and, glancing at the camera, whether I was a photographer.

We got in a conversation which lasted the rest of the meal. To make a long story short, she was Barbara Carlson, former "outrageous" radio personality and newspaper columnist and ex-wife of the former governor. We had a grand ol' time. We talked radio, politics and computers, among other things. She's doesn't do computers. ("I'm like John McCain." "Don't put yourself down.") I left her my card, mentioning that I'll help her with computers, or maybe talk to her for the RNC. Probably not, but you never know.

I love random encounters that work out well.

Last week I did an interview with my iPod, and yesterday I tried to download it. I attached the iPod Classic via USB, and the screen came up with the usual, "attached, do not disconnect" message. After a few hours, I wanted to disconnect it. The iPod wasn't listed as an external device, and I couldn't eject it anywhere. I restarted the Mac. Still nothing. The screen had the same message, but the time was frozen at "8:58pm", about the time I originally plugged it in, iirc. It sayed the same even after I pulled it off. I just looked now, about 12 hours later. The power is run down. We'll see what can happen. I have an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Mall at 12:10. Maybe they can help.

I'm scheduled to go see a Dress Rehearsal of one of the Fringe shows tonight, semi-officially beginning the Fringe for me. I should do some interviews and make a podcast/KFAI news item for tomorrow. I hope the iPod is working so I can do live interviews...

update The iPod worked after it had some power, and I've downloaded my test Voice Memos and uploaded some new songs... but the interview I did for the Fringe didn't make it. Probably won't hurt any podcast I make -- it was very crowded and I doubt the sound was good -- but I'm annoyed anyway. Cancelled the Genius Desk, and am hanging out.

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