Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The War On Wednesday

A letter to the editor the Strib probably won't print.

As I was getting my morning cup of coffee, the clerk said, "Happy Holidays!" in a cheerful and bright manner than made me smile. Immediately, the grinch next to me ruined the mood. "Why is there such a war on Christmas? Why can't people use the correct name for the day?" And with a humph, he turned to leave , waving us off, "Have a nice day."

But... but... but... it was Wednesday! A day that is named after the Anglo-Saxon god Woden, the equivalent of the Scandinavian Odin. Jesus was a nice guy who would take pleasure in anyone spreading happiness, but Odin was a vengeful god. The War on Wednesday is a serious attack on European culture and we should protest loudly.

Good Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen.

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