Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival Day -1

The 2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival doesn't officially start until tomorrow, Thursday July 31st. Day 0 is Tonight is the Out Of Towners Showcase (what I call the Ootie Fest) which is the unofficial kick-off of events. It's at the Bedlam Theater, at the Cedar-Riverside Light Rail stop, tonight at 7:30. Iirc, it's free but you'll need a Fringe button ($3) which you'll need for the rest of the Fringe.

But I started yesterday, attending a final rehearsal of Hey, I'm Talking Murder Here, a show with several familiar faces. They didn't have costumes or music, but they were on book so I'm going to count it as a Fringe Show. And since they weren't on stage, I took pictures. They said the flash helped them think of being in front of an audience.

I sent my first news item to KFAI, an interview with Robin Gillette, Executive Director of the Fringe Festival. The KFAI news segment is five minutes. I'll make longer podcasts of her interview plus the two I also did today plus whatever I get out of the Ootie Fest. Whee! Anyway, if I'm going to count it, I might as well write a formal review. This will eventually be posted on the Fringe web site, but you can't post reviews yet. (Imagine that, not being able to comment on shows that haven't officially opened...)

Hey, I'm Talking Murder Here ****

Hey, I'm Talking Murder Here
Hey, I'm Talking Murder Here
rehearsal 7/29/08
Odd characters well acted

Three dark tales of imminent death that are well written and well acted characters studies. All three were science fiction/fantasy short stories that started normally, developed in odd ways, and then twisted and turned enough to keep my attention throughout. I saw a rehearsal without costumes or music, so rounded up to four stars.
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