Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2008 Minnesota Fringe Festival Day 4 pt. 2

Tim Mooney
Tim Mooney (as Charles) at the Ootie Fest 7/31/08

Karaoke Knights - A One Man Rock Opera ****

Multi-level Characterization

Extraordinary character studies of karaoke contestants. Tim Mooney establishes characters in a few seconds so he can delve into the psyches of people you just met. Meanwhile, the karaoke teleprompter is kissin' cousins with "The Word" graphic on The Colbert Report. The karaoke contest is typical, but the songs that play inside Karaoke Knights are original and revealing. The venue is not ideal for the Fringe, and some of the fun is watching Tim play against the bar. I bought the CD and look forward to reliving the music.

Tim's been coming from the Fringe for several years now, and I've had him on Shockwave, broadcast and podcast, several times. This show was really pretty neat, from a conceptual point of view. It was loads of fun watching him slip in and out of six (I think) characters, sometimes one line at a time, while also watching the screen to see what snarky comments it was going to make. While the songs are good, Tim's a better actor than singer and he was best at the old blues guy (pictured above) and other emotive bits.

The service at McMahon's was terrible. The food and drink were okay, when I eventually got it, and the waitress claimed she left my tab on the table but I looked and never found it, so had to pay up at the bar, eventually. The crowd was small but enthusiastic. The other bar patrons were sometimes a bit more enthusiastic. I suspect this will be one of the Spinal Tap-level bad gig stories for Tim.

I enjoyed the show, and would recommend going over there if you don't have anything scheduled afterward (it ran a little longer than 60 min), but planning to eat at the bar is an iffy proposition.
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