Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2008 Fringe Festival: A Few Photos

Today is another Total Immersion Fringe day, as I'm scheduled to see four shows: Leaving Normal at 5:30, Sun Tzu's, the Art of War at 7:00, This Play Is Trash at 8:30, all at the Rarig, and if I have anything left over it's a jaunt over to the Southern to see Gone, Gone, Gone at 10:00. In the meantime here are a few of the shots from in and around the Fringe.

Allegra Lingo
Allegra Lingo holds up an elusive find:
Two packets of Fringe buttons that contain all six designs!
Ootie Fest, 7/30/08

Meanwhile, at the Bedlam Theater, two floors above and several days later...

Phillip Low's Brad Pitt Moment
Phillip Low's Brad Pitt Moment
Low, posing as the superstar he may become, on the roof of the Bedlam Theater
Downtown Mpls in the background, 8/5/08

Meanwhile, several blocks away at the halfway point of the Fringe...

Rarig Center
Perusing the vast array of postcards and such for Fringe shows
Rarig Center, U of M 8/6/08
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