Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

2008 Fringe Festival: All the audio files (so far)

There. I just updated the Fringe Festival page on the Shockwave Radio Theater site. I added all the 2008 coverage (three KFAI news reports, one podcast so far). The final KFAI report will air tonight, so LJers can hear the news before it happens, or something.

I'll have at least one more podcast, probably two. I also updated the information on the master Shockwave Audio page.

And a bonus Fringe Picture!

Fringe Festival car
Fringe Festival van
parked outside the Bedlam Theater 8/7/08

I was unable to track down who owns this vehicle (not that I tried hard), but it was parked at Fringe Central for a long time so must be one of the ooties company's van. If you know, tell me and I'll amend this posting.

On the side of the van, from front (right) to back, the dotted line connects "Knew York" (crossed out), "Washinton" (crossed out), "Kolumbus" (crossed out), "ST Luis" (crossed out), "ChiChahgo" (crossed out) and "Miniappleus" (as yet unmarred). There are further dots heading toward a blank spot, so presumably they have another venue after this one.
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