Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

A Trivial Playlist

I'm in a Trivia Group that meets every Sunday across the street at Champion's bar. Our group has been around a long time, in changing configuration, and we're reasonably well known, Cheers-like, to the staff and patrons. The owner of the bar (and Trivia runner) is not going to be here this week, and turned tomorrow's contest over to... (drumroll) me and Dennis!

(Some of my FList might remember Dennis from Marscon 2004, where he played HAL 9000 to my Jack Nicholson and Don Quixote opposite lukeski's Sancho Panza.)

We've been working on the questions. I'll post those after the contest.

Meanwhile, I also get to choose the music! The bar plays all sorts of stuff from 50s to semi-rap. The owner is roughly my age, and when he's running Trivia the music tends to Boomer stuff: Beatles, Stones, etc. up to some 90s. I'm tempted to do the same. But it's been too long since I played DJ for a bunch of half-drunk but intelligent people. Not, alas, fans, and not everyone in the bar is there for the game, but still.

The basic rule is: It's not about the music. This is background audio while people think about their answers.

Constraints: There are 20 questions, each needing a song, and two breaks, each needing two songs (or one long song). The song can't be distracting. At the moment, I'm thinking:

A Member of the Rabble – Riverfolk (good folk)
Who Let The Frog Out – the great Luke Ski (close enough to the original to be background, but some might notice)
Recipe for Love – Tetes Noires (a local group, long disbanded)
Swing On A Star – Maria Muldaur
Womble of the Universe – Wombles
Una Paloma Blanca – George Baker Selection (one of the few songs they might have heard)
El Condor Pasa – Ch'uwa Yacu Bolivia (an original version, instrumental, in a style from the Andes)
Once In A Lifetime – Big Daddy (The Talking Heads song done in the style of Day-O)
Elf Call – Steeleye Span (What? You expect me to go two whole hours without any Steeleye Span?)
Baby Love Child – Pizzicato Five
You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly – Kacey Jones w/ Delbert McClinton
Little Hybrid – Power Salad
(Theme From) The Addams Family - Rerun Rock (the Vic Mizzy song done by a Frank Sinatra Impersonator in the style of New York, New York)
Coconut – Nilsson
Shake Your Paw – The Temptations (Motown about Garfield)
Hunting Tigers Out In Indiah – Bonzo Dog Band
Rascal You – Steve Marriott (A good, driving, version)
Impressionists 2-Step – Pop Wagner (Jug band for intellectuals)
I Really Did Go To School Naked – Carrie Dahlby (Let's see if anyone notices)
Upper Mississippi Shakedown – Lamont Cranston (A local band's biggest hit, iirc)
The Ozone Hole – Voice In Time (Some Reggae for spice)
(I'd Go Anywhere to Fight For Oil to) Lubricate the Red White & Blue – Dana Lyons (A stirring patriotic song, sort of)
The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota – Weird Al Yankovic (Let's see if anyone twigs to this)

That's 23 songs, as much as will fit on one CD, because the Weird Al song is long enough for a break. I'll probably make another CD with Other Stuff just in case, but I kind of like this selection.

What songs would you play for a nearly captive bar audience that might help them come up with Trivia answers?

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