Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Two mums, two sets of twins - quadruplets?

This was in yesterday's News of the Weird, and I had to track it down.

Two mums, two sets of twins - quadruplets? Bounty News 7/31/08:
Two sets of twins, born to two different mothers, but they're all quadruplets.

Interestingly, all four babies were conceived from Martha Padgett's eggs, but through IVF treatment, two embryos were also implanted in her lesbian partner Karen Wesolowski.

The women explained that they opted for double IVF as Karen had already experienced three years of failed treatment but admitted they were extremely shocked when they were told the results.
The Mirror calls them non-identical tots so they're fraternal (sororital?) quads. But still.

More pictures at

Prediction: Wild birthday parties and (eventually) a set of cousins with an interesting story at family reunions. And there will be a tv show with this (or a similar) premise within five years.

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