Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Breaking story: Raid in Mpls

3240 17th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN
3240 17th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN
site of police raids at approx. 8:00am 8/30/08

The police from several jurisdictions raided at least three houses in Minneapolis this morning, serving warrants from Ramsey County (St. Paul) apparently with cooperation with the St. Paul police, the Mpls police, the Ramsey County Police and the Hennepin County police. At 3240 17th Ave. S, the police broke down doors, drew guns and took three people away in handcuffs. They confiscated numerous items.

I interviewed a resident of the house who was not involved in any planned activity at the Republican National Convention, who saw the warrant and who's life has been affected. He's a very popular guy, and as I was talking to him another reporter came by. Here is the entire interview, unedited.

Alex (mp3, 8:57).

sign next door
sign posted next door to raided house
Mpls, 8/30/08

KFAI-FM, Fresh Air Radio will have more on this breaking story.

UPDATE: I just (8pm) got off the phone with the Minneapolis police, a friendly Police Information Officer. I asked how long the five arrested people could be held if they weren't charged. According to him (and he checked with someone), the Rule of Criminal Procedure applies, and they could be held as late as Wednesday noon. That's the maximum they can be held without charges if they don't make bail, etc.

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