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Baron Dave Romm

RNC: Day 2, Part 1 -- outside the bowl

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"The Bowl" is what the security people call the inside of Xcel Arena; not the hockey rink itself which is "The Floor", but the hockey-shirt-festooned area around the rink. Maybe the seats: I'll find out tomorrow.

After Monday's intense day inside and outside, Tuesday was considerably calmer, at least for me. Taking the bus, I arrived in downtown St. Paul, and immediate got lost. Segway riding ads for a tv network greeted me, and directed to the right place.

Bipartisan Segway riders
Bipartisan Segway riders
Downtown St. Paul, Sept. 2, 2008CE

While downtown, I had lunch at the Hunan (one of my favorite restaurants, though it's gone a bit downhill since I worked in the area) ... and saw a couple of youths who looked like protestors. They were. After lunch, we talked.

Two protestors, one involved in Monday's march and the other who had gone to the concert on Harriet Island (mp3, 10:09).

Heading off toward the convention center, music filled the air. Unlike Monday near the main gate, it wasn't canned music selected by the RNC. Students from McNally Smith College of Music were just out there. I talked with one student handing out flyers for the college while others played (mp3, 2:44).

street musicians
Street Musicians near Rice Park
Sept. 2, 2008CE

More later.

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